Let us bring you to South Italy

Travel safely to the wonders of South Italy, with an hand-picked selection of places, planning tips and support, from two locals that have been living in UK for almost 10 years.We are curating a selection of stays to make sure you will have the best experience.We know what you are looking for, and we are here to help you find it.

Like an italian

We are happy to assist you crafting a safe holiday, guiding you to authentic experiences, and helping overcome language and cultural barriers.

Unique Places

We've selected hidden gems for you, chosen for authenticity and charm, away from common tourist trails, ensuring uniqueness.

No Middleman

By collaborating with our chosen partners, we guarantee a flawless stay, enabling direct booking with these places.

Our Mission

  • BridgingConnecting Two WorldsOur goal is to introduce our British friends to the charm and beauty of southern Italy.Quality, not quantityWe have carefully selected four exceptional places, beginning with our beloved Cilento.
  • Our RoleOn the other sideWe partnered with our selected places to make sure that they will provide you with a perfect stay.Itinerary ReviewWe are happy to help you reviewing and refining your plans, even before you book a stay. You can always reach us on Whatsapp or email.
  • Direct bookingNo middlemanYou directly book your stay with the places we have partnered with. In fact, don't be surprised if you find us there too, ensuring everything is perfect for your visit.

📸 Highlights

Check out some of the coolest places you could visit.

About us

Hello! We are Sara and Antonio, an architect and a researcher who found our new home in Cambridge, UK, after moving from the South of Italy 10 years ago.While we have embraced our life in the UK, our hearts still dance to the rhythm of Italy's beauty, especially the hidden gems scattered throughout the South. Antonio proudly hails from Cilento, a region that holds a special place in our hearts.With an understanding of both worlds, we are excited to be your bridge to the wonders of southern Italy. We are uniquely positioned to curate and present you with the most splendid and trustworthy holiday spots in southern Italy.Our love for these two cultures drives us to offer you an experience that feels both familiar and new.

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